Meditation makes you POWERFUL.

If you've thought of it as being anything less, I'm here to set the record straight.

My life's journey took me from being an ants-in-my-pants worry-about-everything-kid to meditating in silence for an entire year as an adult. My deep discoveries led me to develop powerful techniques that you can use to supercharge your life and take back your focus and concentration.
I share practical trainings that help you compartmentalize your thoughts so that you have the power to choose what you want to focus on instead of being distracted by other people, places, or things around you that you can't control.
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Karin Roest

Karin Roest was raised in a small farm town then jet set around the world with celebrities for 15 years as a Celebrity Talent Scout and Global Producer. Longing for something more meaningful, she meditated in silence for 1-year as a Buddhist nun in Mynamar (Burma). Now, merging the best of both worlds as a Thought Leadership Strategist and Coach, she shares practical trainings that help you flip negative thoughts into positive core beliefs so you can take back your power and effortlessly create an amazing life in today’s modern world.